Mykonos - Irregular Tray


Inspired by the aesthetic whitewashed walls of Mykonos, the Mykonos Tray embodies the striking curves and unique shapes of the isle's architecture and reflects the island's free-flowing and relaxed ambience. Lovingly handcrafted in the UK, the tray is the ideal accent piece for your living space and its smooth silhouette will allow the tray to flow effortlessly into any interior. The tray can be used as a stylish space to rest your items or simply as something beautiful to admire in your home year after year. 

Style with our White Sage Stick.

Colour: Off-White 

Size: 15cm length x 10cm width x 3cm height

Material: Eco-resin (non-toxic, organic and vegan)

Handmade in United Kingdom

Designed and handmade in small batches in Hampshire, United Kingdom, every piece travels through a slow, considered and sustainable creation process, meaning each tray will have its own form, texture and finish and be completely unique to you.  Due to the handmade nature of the trays and the natural materials used, there may be small imperfections in the surface of your piece, such as bubbles or variations in colours and textures. Avoid harsh cleaning products & scrubbing as this may alter the surface of the product.