White Sage Stick


Used for cleansing your space and aura or for decorative purposes, the White Sage Stick is made from ethically sourced and harvested high-quality white sage. Hand gathered and bundled, each stick is tied with cotton string and will arrive in a canvas pouch to ensure its protection. 

  • Bundled white sage 
  • Approximately 8cm in length 
  • As these are hand bundled, the shape my change slightly with each stick. 

Style with our Ibiza Tray or Mykonos Tray

How to use: 

Once you're ready to light your sage, hold your sage bundle at one end at a 45 degree angle. Light the other end and let it burn for around 20 seconds. Gently blow out the flame, so that you see orange embers only and then you can start the process of cleansing your space.

The bundles also look aesthetically pleasing as a decorative piece. Try placing a few sage sticks in a bowl for a beautiful feature in your home.