Palo Santo Sticks Bundle


Ethically sourced using fallen branches that mature for 3-10 years in Ecuador, this Palo Santo Sticks Bundle is sustainable and beautifully aromatic. The scent is a deep, divine combination, which is closely related to sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and citrus. The sticks will arrive in a hemp pouch and are each approximately 10cm long. 

Scent: Palo Santo (similar to sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh & citrus)

Size: 35g bundle / each stick is approximately 10cm long

Quantity: Each bundle includes approximately 7 sticks

Sourcing: Carefully hand-collected from Ecuador using only fallen branches that mature for 3-10 years. No trees are ever cut down in this process & the supply is certified by MAGAP. 

To use: Light one end of your stick over a dish until a small flame has caught. Wait a few seconds before gently wafting out the flame. Place the stick in the dish and leave to smoulder, filling your space with a beautiful scent. Use in a ventilated room and never leave unattended.