Plastic Free Sponge Twin Pack


Eco-friendly · Plastic Free · Vegan · Biodegradable · Made from Wood Pulp · Super Absorbent · Multi-Purpose · Freshen up in the Dishwasher 

Did you know most household sponges are made from plastic?

More importantly, they aren’t recyclable. But Wilton London’s clever Plastic Free Sponges are made from responsibly sourced wood fibres, yes wood! Which means they're compostable! Even the box is made from sustainably sourced card. 

The sponges are really long lasting and super absorbent so they’ll drink up any spill you throw at them. These sponges are great in the kitchen and bathroom.

You can even pop them in the dishwasher for a freshen up when they start to get a bit mucky.

They arrive dried almost hard, so give them a rinse and squeeze under a tap before first use. The sponges will dry hard but a drink of water will soften them back up again and again.


2 sponges per pack

Dry: 112 x 81 x 18 mm. Expands when wet.

We love Wilton London at Natural Isle because their mission is to make doing the chores less of a chore while helping us all to reduce our impact on the environment. Sam & Mike, the Founders, have designed a range of botanical scents where essential oils sit centre stage, so our homes and laundry can smell amazing! Wilton London are a certified BCorp Business, use recycled and recyclable plastic in their bottles, all their formulas are biodegradable, they do not test on animals and they are registered with the Vegan Society - what’s not to love?