Linen Dish Cloth


Handmade in Norfolk Natural Living’s little Norfolk workshop, the linen dish cloth is an eco-friendly, long lasting and sustainable way to clean your home and wash your dishes in the sink. Highly absorbent and machine washable, it lasts much longer than your sponge or blue cloth and contain no plastics. It leaves no fluff or fibres on your plates and will not retain oils or bad smells. 

  • Each cloth can withstand months of use – including washing – without losing its shape or integrity.
  • Use it as an all-purpose cleaning wash or keep it for your dishes.
  • Just rinse it out and leave to dry between uses.
  • Made in the United Kingdom

We love Norfolk Natural Living because they pride themselves in creating the best natural products to care for your most treasured possessions. All of their products use plant based ingredients, are biodegradable, non-toxic, free from chlorine and bleach, and are gentle enough for even a baby’s delicate skin. It goes without saying that they would never test on animals. Their workshop is nestled in a small historic town in Norfolk, surrounded by the beautifully scented lavender fields and white sandy beaches.