Eucalyptus Washing-Up Liquid


Natural Fragrance · Biodegradable Formula · Plant-based · Eco-Friendly · Recycled & Recyclable Plastic

Make doing the dishes less of a chore with Wilton London’s naturally scented washing-up liquid. A load of nasty chemicals have been ditched and replaced with a bunch of naturally derived alternatives. Wilton London include lots of lovely essential oils, which not only smell great, but are also known for their germ fighting properties. Bottle made with recycled and easily recyclable plastic.

Large bottle - 500ml

The scent: Eucalyptus

Wilton London combined eucalyptus, lavender, black pepper and citrusy bergamot to create a yummy clean scent. It's woody and luxurious but it also has that reassuring 'just cleaned' smell.

Registered with Vegan Society

That means the Vegan Society have checked Wilton London meet their strict standards. No GMO, no Animal derived ingredients and they don't test on animals (how could you!?). 

It's really easy to use. One squeeze under running water or onto a sponge is enough for a sink load of dishes. For baked on grime, dilute with water and leave to soak.



<5% amphoteric surfactants*, 5-15% anionic surfactants*, parfum* [Includes: Eucalyptus oil, Black pepper oil, Bergamot oil], Contains benzisothiazolinone (Preservative), limonene*, linalool*. *Naturally derived. 

We love Wilton London at Natural Isle because their mission is to make doing the chores less of a chore while helping us all to reduce our impact on the environment. Sam & Mike, the Founders, have designed a range of botanical scents where essential oils sit centre stage, so our homes and laundry can smell amazing! Wilton London are a certified BCorp Business, use recycled and recyclable plastic in their bottles, all their formulas are biodegradable, they do not test on animals and they are registered with the Vegan Society - what’s not to love?