Dunton - Eau De Parfum For All


A subtle spicy and woody scent. 


Notes of Bay Leaf and Sage give this fragrance its earthy tones and wonderful notes of Geranium, Cedarwood, Oud, Patchouli, Amber and Sandalwood create a calm and warming fragrance. Intended for both women and men, it is a smokey woody scent with a touch of sweet giving the wearer a sense of identity and essence.

Sustainably handmade in small batches in Brighton by ByMilo. 


Apply one spray to 1-2 warm areas of the body. We recommend behind each ear and on the back of the neck for those with short hair and each side of the neck for those with long hair. Use the inner elbow and forearms for a more subtle scent.


Key Benefits

  • Vegan Certified

  • Lingering musk help promote relaxation

  • Helps reduce nervousness and anxiety

  • Longer lasting Eau De Parfum

  • ByMilo do not test on animals


Made in the United Kingdom